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We spread our wings over the entire supply chain

  One Wing Solutions

One Wing Solutions supports your compliance with all applicable standards and beyond, while simultaneously improving your processes, streamlining your operations, strengthening your team, and thus boosting your revenue.

Our valued clients across the supply chain & various industries rely on us for quality management, infrastructure, operations, training & coaching, research & analytics, certification and reportings.

One Wing Solutions flies its customers to success by bringing them competent, innovative and sustainable solutions.

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One Wing Solutions

 One Wing Solutions: Mission & Vision


One Wing Solutions aims to provide competent, innovative & sustainable solutions across the supply chain & various industries. Our goal is to foster improvements in processes and quality control by providing access to our knowledge base and training programs. A result-oriented practice underpins everything we do from analysis to aftercare.


One Wing Solutions is your warranty of success. We design innovative, tailor-made solutions that allow our customers to improve their quality processes even further. We work together to professionalize your customer service level and achieve higher levels of performance. We strive for higher customer satisfaction and revenue through higher standards.

One Wing Solutions

Value Proposition

The unique step-wise DTCF approach we apply to all our services


Exact problem identification through thorough analysis


Provide customized solutions to improve quality of products and customer service


Skill improvement & professionalization, benchmark & strategic positioning


Aftercare in which we monitor the expected results and KPI’s

  Our Quality Guarantee

One Wing Solutions sets its standards to the highest quality. Our Value Proposition Methodology is based on a correct problem analysis and customized qualitative solutions to your request and problem.

We only accept 98 % customer satisfaction based on monitoring and aftercare.

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One Wing Solutions
One Wing Solutions

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